annual report 2017

Brookfield Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager, with a portfolio of USD 285 billion in assets under management, a history that spans 115 years, and operations across more than 30 countries.

We are one of the main investors and global managers of alternative assets. Our business includes one of the largest premium corporate real estate portfolios in the world, infrastructure operations in several different segments, one of the largest global operations for renewable power generation in number of units and investments in different industrial and service segments through our private equity division. Globally, we rely on 750 investment professionals and our businesses employ approximately 80,000 operational employees.

Throughout more than 100 years of history, we have invested our own capital to acquire, manage and develop assets from a variety of segments, which gave us a competitive edge with major operational knowledge in the business areas in which we operate today. We began joint investments with other major private investors in the early 2000s, which marked the beginning of our asset management business through investment funds. Currently, we have a solid base of over 500 investors worldwide who invest in our private investment funds portfolio, where 40% participated in more than one of these funds.

As a result of all this, we have assembled a set of characteristics that are crucial to our success and the basis of our competitive advantages: global presence, knowledge of the markets where we operate, operational experience, as well as a great degree of liquidity and access to large-scale capital.

Our portfolio totals USD 285 billion in assets managed globally and is divided into four major business segments, as detailed in the following pages:

Commercial Real Estate




Renewable Power


Private Equity



Port terminal, Sergipe;

Our Competitive Advantages


With more than a 100 offices in over 30 countries, our global network gives us extraordinary access to proprietary deal flow.


Our strong balance sheet and ready access to large-scale capital enable us to do transactions of a size that sets us apart.


We started as owners and operators of real assets, and continue to use our operational expertise to enhance cash flows, increase the value of underlying assets and produce solid long-term returns.


Our experience shows us that the best opportunities are often found in regions or sectors undergoing periods of financial or operational challenge.


Protecting the capital entrusted to us is at the forefront of how we think about risk, which means that we pursue a prudent and disciplined approach to investing and financing.


Ensuring alignment of interests with our private fund investors is a priority for us: we are often one of the largest investors in our funds.


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