Compliance at Brookfield


Brookfield Brazil and its affiliates are committed to conducting all their activities in accordance with the highest standards of honesty and integrity and in line with the pertinent legal and regulatory requirements for each business area. We consider it vital to maintain this reputation in our businesses, adopting a zero tolerance approach to bribery and other forms of corruption.

For this reason and in alignment with regulatory advances, the group’s Compliance Department has as its principal objective to give support and provide the necessary tools so that the business areas are able to conduct their activities employing the best governance practices.

It is our belief that Compliance is not only a set of rules but also a combination of attitudes matching the legal norms and regulations, in line with the ethics and the policies and guidelines established for our businesses and routine activities.

Our policies, norms and controls are comprehensive and consistent with the best practices of corporate governance in Brazil  and worldwide, in keeping with the applicable legislation.

To act in accordance with the standards of honesty and integrity and in line with legal and regulatory requirements is part of our Company’s culture and governance principles. Our Compliance Program includes global guidelines reinforced through training, announcements  and campaigns for instructing our employees and commercial partners for taking decisions orientated towards such standards as well as to ensure their effectiveness.

The conduct of our employees should be aligned to that of our Company. Habits and daily behavior shape our character and contribute to maintaining our organizational culture based on ethics.