Ascenty is the largest data center infrastructure company in Latin America. With headquarters in Brazil, it has a complex of 16 units, eight of which were operational in December 2018 and a further eight, under development. All are interconnected by a fiber optic network of 4,500 km. The company’s data centers are located in the states of São Paulo (three in the state capital and 10 in the COUNTRYSIDE), as well as Rio de Janeiro (two) and one in the state of Ceará. Ascenty’s installations have been designed and built according to the highest international standards, serving a premium customer base.


Founded in 2010 in the city of Campinas, Ascenty has seen rapid growth. The following year, the company began the installation of its fiber optic network and in 2012, unveiled its first data center. By 2013, it was already operating telecommunication networks in 13 cities in the state of São Paulo and beginning work on the construction of its second data center. In 2018, with its eight data centers already in operation and a further eight under development, Ascenty has become a leader in this sector in Latin America.

In September 2018, Brookfield, along with a strategic partner, agreed to jointly acquire the business for US$ 2 billion. Brookfield Infrastructure and its institutional partners will be investing around US$ 610 million for a 49% stake and this transaction was completed in March 2019. 

Internal view of Ascentys data center, Brazil

Internal view of Ascentys data center, Brazil


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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by area and population, and the eighth largest economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and for this reason is at the heart of the region’s technological expansion. Latin America represents an attractive opportunity for growth in the data center business, driven by the macroeconomic and demographic factors including an expanding working age population and rapid digitization. Ascenty has a significant opportunity for growth in Brazil and is well placed to meet burgeoning demand throughout the region. 


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